Elon Musk adds Twitter label to CBC: "69% government funded"

CBC news has suspended its activity on Twitter in protest at being labeled "...government funded." A report surfaced that 70% of CBCs funds comes from the Canadian Government. Elon Musk has recently been adding "government funded" labels to Western media organizations including the BBC and the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). CBCs state funding is controversial in Canada because many Canadians view CBC as having a pro Liberal Party and left wing bias in its coverage. Pierre Poilievre, Canada's leader of the opposition Conservative Party sent a letter to Twitter headquarters asking for the "government funded" label for CBC. Right wing pundits on Twitter have been cheering the move by Elon Musk. 

Dominion Voting Systems and Fox News reach $787.5M settlement

 Dominion Voting Systems and Fox News reached an out of court settlement today for $787.5M USD. Dominion Voting Systems is a Toronto and Colorado based technology company specializing in the production and distribution of vote counting machines and software. During the 2020 US Presidential election campaign, Fox News broadcasted reports of widespread voter fraud by Dominion Voting Systems, thus rigging the election in Biden's favor. Dominion Voting Systems denied the allegation and sued Fox News for $1.6 billion USD. Today's settlement is a victory for many Americans who supported Biden during the election and who denied that any voter fraud took place during the election. 

The War in Ukraine - a stalemate?

The war in Ukraine continues with heavy fighting in the Bakhmut area. Both sides are taking losses and Ukraine is preparing for a potential spring counteroffensive. Neither the Russian nor the Ukrainian side has given up much territory creating a situation of stalemate. This outcome is unacceptable by both sides hence the Ukrainian preparations of a spring counteroffensive.  Ukraine has accepted the German Patriot missiles system as well as numerous Leopard tanks.  Will Ukraine succeed in repelling the Russian invasion?